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Celebrated British artist Robert Clarke will open his latest exhibition, THE A-Z OF DOGS at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery on 1st April.

The show will exhibit a celebratory series of 26 portrait paintings of British dog breeds, each representing a letter of the alphabet.

Using a cross section of  friends' dogs, commissioned dogs and some taken from inspirational images, the pictures set out to explore the dogs' individuality, with the artist capturing their characteristics, behaviour, movement and in some cases even their Napoleon complex.

The show is inspired by Robert's transformation from cynophobe, to a dog-loving painter who enjoyed their company and working with their images. The trauma of an attack by a large German Shepherd when just two years old meant he spent years avoiding all dogs, whatever the breed. However, he confronted his fear when he was persuaded by his girlfriend to get a Jack Russell puppy in 2003. The following experience of attending puppy club gently broke his fear of dogs, as owners were encouraged to pass around their animals, which included everything from stocky Staffs to Bassetts, mongrels and Poodles. Robert describes this life-changing experience "a voyage of canine discovery". So when a friend asked him to paint a dog for her, Robert was able to relish the challenge.

Robert studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. A highly skilled draftsman and visual artist, he has worked in various fields of Creative industries and built up a solid body of work that has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the UK and US. Paul Smith store showcased a complete series at their flagship store in Sloane Square and his series of bird paintings were exhibited at the Zetter Space.

1ST - 20TH APRIL 2011