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Forget the East End art trail, South London’s art scene is flourishing, with galleries springing up in Peckham, Depford and Bankside, and with the launch of the South London Art Map earlier this year it’s time to explore. This month, the spotlight is on Kennington and new speakeasy art space Ring Here, which makes its debut with ‘Drawing on Surface’ by surface artist, designer, and illustrator Philippa Johnson. Transforming a converted Victorian shop (also home to the gallery’s curator Clara Goldsmith) into a
glowing magic box with an intricate window installation, ‘Drawing on Surface’
will help put SE11 firmly on the art map.

“Philippa was the perfect fit to open the gallery,” says Clara.

“Her use of domestic materials is a neat link to the environment,
alluding to the home but creating something beautiful and delicate rather than everyday.”

The window is created with a drawing technique that wipes away at the whitewashed surface, revealing a pattern to conceal, or peer through, and casting shifting shadows on the surrounding surfaces.

“I was really excited by the idea of the window installation,” continues Clara.

“The gallery should feel like a secret space to be discovered, albeit one that is not exclusive, and much of Philippa's work revolves around scratching, wiping or peeling away at the surface- a literal manifestation of the act of discovery.”

‘Drawing on Surface’ runs 27 May-24 June.

Ring Here is open by appointment only, 7 days a week.

Viewings can be arranged by calling 020 7735 1007,
via twitter @ringhere or by emailing