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Amongst the array of things we love at TWENTY6HQ -
lotions, potions and chocolate are definitely at the top of our lust list.

Last week saw Kiehl’s Since 1851, the beauty alchemist, and Paul A. Young, artisan chocolatier, fuse the power of the acai “super berry”, found in Kiehl’s age-defying range, with soothing lavender, calming orange flower water and encased in an intense red and real white chocolate. 

Paul A Young is a creative and inspirational chocolatier who is at the forefront of the British chocolate scene. His passion for his craft and his cutting edge creativity have won him numerous awards and have led to him being ranked amongst the world’s best chocolatiers. Paul’s first book, ‘Adventures with Chocolate’, won the World’s Best Chocolate Book at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Paris shortly after publication and he regularly appears on television shows including This Morning, Taste and Market Kitchen.

Paul has two London chocolateries, one in the Royal Exchange, Bank and the other in Camden Passage, Islington, with a third due to open in early June this year in the heart of  London’s Soho.  To celebrate the opening Paul will create the ultimate in juxaposition in the form of strawberry and balsamic vinegar chocolates.  Among the 110 varieties available, some of his bestsellers include Sea Salt and Caramel and Marmite Truffle.

Kiehl’s Acai chocolate is available exclusively from Kiehl’s Since 1851 and Paul A. Young at The Royal Exchange in London throughout May 2011, priced £6.  If you’re feeling super indulgent, treat yourself to the gift set.  The deliciously tempting package contains Kiehl’s Acai Damage Repair Serum and three Kiehl’s Acai Chocolates to aid detoxification inside and out, priced £43.

They taste how I imagine a Willy Wonka everlasting gob stopper would, each of the three flavours taking a turn to tantalise the taste buds.  

Do they work...? Who cares, they taste A-MAZING!  

Paul and Kiehl's - we salute you! 

Royal Exchange
Kiehl's Since 1851
Paul A. Young