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Remember the old Galaxy chocolate ad, ‘Why have cotton when you can have silk’? This sums up the ethos behind lingerie brand Beautiful Bottoms, which was launched for girls who love silk, at affordable prices. Cheekier than a flirty wink and just on the right side of sexy, Beautiful Bottoms specialises in luxurious loungewear and swimwear perfect for poolside posing, as well as decadent lingerie.  TWENTY6 goes undercover and asks the two gorgeous founders Lauren Skerritt and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright about their inspirations behind the brand.

What were your ambitions and aspirations at the age of 26?

We are both now 24, but our ambitions are to be successful, happy and healthy.

Pick a word beginning with B that sums you up.

Poppy - BUSY
I find myself constantly busy. I don’t think that I ever really ‘chill out’, unless exhaustion takes over. I don’t like to be alone for more than about 20 minutes... resulting in a busy life, both at work, seeing friends and being at home (I have four younger brothers!) But I like the business, and I wouldn’t change it.

Lauren - BABY
Some liken me to a baby because I like to sleep a lot!

For each letter of the alphabet, pick a word followed by a sentence that inspires you.

A – Anthropologie
One of our biggest stockists, both in London and The States.

B – Beautiful Bottoms
The brand, a quirky name thought of long before the actual business model back in our first year at Newcastle University, where we dreamt of selling frilly silk knickers.

C – Cities
The business has allowed us to travel to Delhi, Shanghai, Paris, and NYC!

D – Dreams
Take inspiration from your dreams. Often great ideas can come to you in the middle of the night – write these down there and then, so they're not forgotten.

E – Economical
One of our main aims of the business was to offer silk lingerie at an affordable price – because we are not all millionaires!

F – Family and Friends
Both of us are very family orientated, coming from large families. Poppy is the eldest of 5!

G – Generosity
A trait that is most attractive and one we strive to have.

H – Health and Happiness
Sometimes people forget to stop and appreciate their health and are too wrapped up in far less significant problems. And to be happy – is that not what we all want?

I – Ignorance
Something we felt when we started the brand. We have gained so much knowledge since then but everyday is still a learning curve

J  - Journey
Building the brand has been a journey. We still have a long way to go but are enjoying every day.

K - Kensington Olympia
This is where our studio and office is, and where we spend our days.

L – Labradors
Everyone should have a dog; they’re wonderful companions and perfect for chilling with when you are too tired to speak.

M – Mothers
Because they are who we turn to for advice on everything… and without whom we would be lost.

N – Norfolk
Where Lauren calls home. The beautiful beaches and the country pubs are the perfect get a way for us both when escaping the hectic fast pace of London life.

O – Originality
The lingerie we design is different to any other. Our vibrant and colourful prints make it particularly unique.

P – Persistence
Don’t give up.

Q – Questions
Never be afraid to ask questions… I never was as a child, and I am not now. They allow you to learn more about others and yourself. (Poppy)

R – Running
Poppy’s way of trying to keep fit!

S – Selfridges
A defining and one of the most exciting points of the journey so far was securing our first order with Selfridges. We love the store, and are honoured to now be designing our second exclusive collection for them – the first launches just before Christmas.

T – Time
Time is a strange thing… and I have always struggled to get my head around it. It goes so fast, and there is never enough of it. Crucially to my life I try to balance time spent at work and time spent relaxing.

U – Underwear
Obviously! To have nice intimates is a necessity, even when you are wearing tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt. If you’re wearing silk underneath, you will feel glamorous whatever – and this shines through.

V – Variety
Variety is, as they say, the spice of life. While some things stay the same, it is important to not be adverse to change – experiencing new things, meeting new people and accepting that things can not always stay the same is very important for one’s happiness.

W – Water
Always try to drink two litres a day.

X – Xylophone 
Because that is what I think of when I think of the letter X. Neither of us are musical however, and our voices are not the best. So we avoid Karaoke.

Y – Yoga
Yoga and meditation, Lauren’s way of escaping.

Z – Zen
What we try and achieve at the end of the day. We can only try!

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