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Actor, singer, presenter and model (phew!)
Stefan D'Bart has toured and sung with Anastacia, been voted Best Groomed Man by GQ and worked with Steve Coogan and Ben Stiller. TWENTY6 caught up with him to chat about his latest project and pilot, The New Bromantics, which he co-wrote and in which he stars alongside Lionel Blair.

Tell us the inspiration behind your new pilot?

It started last year when I was in a Jez Butterworth play called Mojo, with another actor, Ward Trowman. We hit it off as friends and started talking about ideas we had for a pilot, and before we knew it, we had enough material and ideas to start writing The New Bromantics. We’re both massive fans of series like Only Fools and Horses and we wanted to aim our show at the sort of audience who would respond to something real – real people and their lives.

What was it like working with Lionel Blair?

Amazing! I know Lionel from a few years back as we have already worked together and kept in touch. The man is a legend - so genuine and kind. So one minute I’m discussing asking him to play the landlord ‘Bournemouth Jack’ with my co-writer Ward, and the next I’m having lunch with him and he’s telling me he wants to do it!

What made you decide to become an actor?

My dad’s a plumber and mum’s a hairdresser, and I didn’t fancy becoming either of those things, though I could put in a bathroom suite for you in a jiffy if you asked! Seriously though, I always knew I wanted to be an actor. I was a singer on tour with Anastacia for a while too but I decided to focus on acting instead, and it looks like it’s going where I want it…

If not acting, what would you be doing?

I would be a ‘Love Guru’ on some tropical island, or maybe my plumbing or hairdressing genes would make an appearance!

Pick three pioneering actors (alive or dead) that you would host dinner for and why?

Cary Grant, Jack Nicholson and James Dean. Cary Grant because my dad sat me down to watch North by Northwest when I was a kid and I have loved him ever since. Jack Nicholson because, well, just look at the man on screen – he’s a genius in everything he does. James Dean because he is probably the most still actor I have ever seen, it is ALL in the eyes. 

So, what’s next for Stefan D’Bart?

We’re now in postproduction on The New Bromantics, which is so exciting! After that come industry screenings and then the rat race to get it out there to the viewing public. After that I have a couple of films lined up that I can’t say to much about yet, but the scripts are very, very good and I cannot wait.

What are or were your aspirations at the age of 26?

Erm... I’m only 21. Ah, OK, you got me... Aspirations are funny things as some people set themselves time limits on achieving goals, and that’s something that you should never do, in my opinion. I know where I would like to be and I am getting there. It’s all going to plan and this is definitely part of that plan.

Pick a word beginning with the letter ‘B’ that best sums you up…

Best. I try my best at everything I do in life. I try to be the best son, brother, lover, friend, actor, companion, shoulder to cry on and dance partner.

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