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Mobiles have come a long way since the days of yuppie bricks with retractable aerials and they have become as important a style accessory as your heels, suit, or choice of bag. Which is why we at TWENTY6 are thrilled to be collaborating with Nokia on our limited-edition magazine to celebrate London Fashion Week and the success of the three issues to date – A, B and C.

Nokia has long been known for its slick, technology-forward designs and its latest smartphone release, the Nokia 700, is no exception. The feature we’re really rather excited about is its NFC (that’s Near Field Communications, if you’re of a tech-y disposition) technology – where you’re directed to websites simply by tapping your phone against a specially designed tag on a poster or magazine page. You can also ‘like’ Facebook pages and sign up to people’s Twitter feeds – again, just with a tap of the phone.

The magazine will launch at the exclusive TWENTY6 pre-Fashion Week party, and the print run is limited to 1,000 copies. The issue will feature highlights of the past three issues and include a NFC tag, which will direct you straight to the TWENTY6 Facebook page. So now your latest style fix is only a tap of a phone away…how can you possibly resist?

A limited run of the magazine will be available to buy, more details to follow soon.

See more of the Nokia 700 here.