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CAMPARI - unique, unmistakable, versatile, an inimitable recipe and the aperitif par excellence. The red liqueur invented by Gaspare Campari back in the 1860 first conquered the city of Milan quickly moving on to other cities and in to European and international markets. Over the years its consumption increased, winning unexpected market segments and becoming one of the major ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks that are now enjoyed all over the world.

Gaspari’s CAMPARI it is made from the infusion of herbs, aromatic plants and fruits in alcohol and water. These last two are the only known ingredients of its special and secret recipe. Remaining loyal to the original formula and keeping it strictly confidential, is one of the company’s missions. This recipe is why CAMPARI has always been characterized by a peculiar taste and by a deep red colour: THE CAMPARI RED

CAMPARI was created in the years bridging the two centuries, a period when drinking aperitifs was a popular trend in Milan. Thanks to the opening of cafés and the practice of hanging out there, the aperitif trend enjoyed significant growth. The aperitif has always been regarded as a stimulant for the appetite, but it also started to have a social function: meeting for an aperitif was an excuse to see friends and acquaintances, to comment on the day’s events and discuss the main news of the day. In the early 1920s in Milan, this was a common occurrence, so ‘Caffé Campari’ and ‘Camparino’ became landmarks of the city and CAMPARI with a splash of soda water, was synonymous with the word ‘aperitif’.

CAMPARI has come to occupy a rightful position as one of the preferred ingredients used to prepare delicious cocktails. CAMPARI fits well in mixed drinks despite a strong and unique taste: traditionally it is served with ice – on the rocks – or with just a splash of soda water.

CAMPARI are proud sponsors of the TWENTY6 Launch Party.

FEATURE/Mike Hardy