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In a culture of mass production, Duffy Jewellery stands apart.  Working with locally sourced materials, each handmade design from the East London Atelier boasts a level or craftsmanship reminiscent of a time gone by.

Harnessing the nuances particular to each piece, Duffy Jewellery resists the homogeny of machine manufacturing to create something raw.  His collections are bold, with each item reflecting the spirit of the young designer and the environment in which he works.

Having collaborated with designers and franchises including PPQ, Katie Eary, Carharrt and Nike, Duffy has proven his credentials as a first class designer with far-reaching appeal. His fanbase lists the likes of Erin O’Connor, Daisy Lowe and Dinos Chapman to name a few and a series of awards and press features are testament to the lasting impact this young designer has already made.

With a first class degree in silver and goldsmithing, ten years working with antiques and an eye for beautiful objects, Duffy creates a line worthy of the esteem it has already received. Like works of art, each item stands as a sculpture, capable of holding it’s own on a plinth as much as on the wearer’s body.

What were your ambitions and aspirations at the age of 26?

Pretty much the same as they are now and have been for the past 14 years. To be fortunate enough to make a career out of something I love whilst being surrounded by those I care about - so far so good.

Pick a word beginning with the letter 'D' which best sums you up...


I hope it’s my determination that has got me to where I am so far and will continue to carry me further.

For each letter of the alphabet, pick a word followed by a sentence that inspires you.

My standard dinner choice in a Turkish restaurant in east London in a bring your own booze style!

I am blessed to have two older brothers that have always been there for me, they are two of my closest friends.

Hours spent sessioning a curb when skateboarding as a teenager. Simple pleasures.

Need I say more.

Yes I still cry at Dumbo.

A word used far too liberally.

My Father who is the rock in my life.

Having two older brothers my life has been full of hand-me-downs and at 28 I’m still getting hooked up.

Over the years I’ve had my fair share but in a weird way like them in a respectful kind of way. They remind us how fragile or at times strong we can be.

Everyone I know who jogs say they love it………I’m happy for them.

Although interpreted differently amongst some religions and western society, the general idea of living life by the idea, you reap what you sew I don’t think is such a bad one.

There’s a lot to be said for it.

My mother, who is the soil on which the rock sits.

Maybe one day!

As in the band.

Something worth striving for but is thankfully unachievable.

White Men Cant Jump, need I say more.

I went away on a BMX road trip in a van with 5 friends round eastern and central Europe last summer. We covered 14 countries and I have never laughed so much.

Charles Bukowski.

Will just take too long to explain...

I tattooed my mate the other day with the song title Teenage Kicks.

They aint all bad.

If I’m near the sea, a river or lake I find it hard not to go for a swim.

Who doesn’t like kisses?

Try using the word more you may be surprised at the outcome.

“Whos Z?”
“Z’s  dead, baby, Z’s dead”