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Dr Noki

NOKI is a subversive artist/designer, customiser and stylist based in East End London,
dragged up in Old street/Shoreditch circa 1995, famously anonymous, recognisable only by the ‘SOB’(Suffocation Of Branding) masks he wears. 

NOKI is an anagram and pun, a playful subversion on the IKONic globalised fashion brand.  “Brands are seen as IKONS and NOKI subverts this IKON to a new level of thinking, for a generation that demands more than mass produced Homogenisation pumped at them, generation after generation.”  NOKI experiments with customisation by collaging the ‘sustainable canvas’ together with creative cutting, stitching, appliqué and silk screen printing creating a new genre of street couture.  By this term, NOKI is referring to an exclusive garment that compliments the raw energy that defines ‘street style’ and all of what we see in the designer collections, but carefully utilising the ‘sustainable canvas’ as a positive way forward using ‘New World Textiles.’

The mere taking, DIY style of the sustainable canvas and customising it into a sustainable ‘One-Off’ piece of Art, creates the NOKI silhouette.  This alone is paralleling the original essence of Fashion Couture.  The full NOKI silhouette involves the NOKI frock and the SOB mask.  This has become known as the silhouette of the NOKIETTE. 

Playfully aggressive, the NOKI agenda is much aligned to the writer and founder of Culture Jam and Add Busters magazine, Kalle Lasn, who DrNOKI cites as a major influence on his world view and work, as a positive critique on world globalisation. 

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NOKI aims to challenge the wearer and their viewer into a new fashion concept by subliminal re-appropriation, using recognisable corporate iconography and textiles, always rearranging the message keeping it 100% Cottoned On, protest strong.

After a successful SS and AW ’08 showcase at Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East platform, NOKI gained an industrial textile backer called LMB.  This resulted in an art and industry collaboration opening the doors to the first fully functioning sustainable outlet, called 123 Store, (123 Bethnal Green road, Brick Lane, E2 5DG), bringing a new change in London’s retail landscape.

Dr NOKI’s NHS collection for 123 Store is a constant work in progress, created from an archive of fourteen years, customising itself into the trend of the future.  The NHS Ward is situated on the second floor of 123 Store, dedicated to retailing the first authentic One-Off street couture collection, ready to wear, straight out into the street. 

The Art of fashion should never be lost, in the NHS you will find further regeneration of your NOKI  pieces. The in store NHS ‘After-Care-Service’ continually aims to build on the customisation process of your original One-Off purchase.

Isetan SS/11 Collection

The Collection by Dr Noki’s NHS for Isetan is a culmination of fifteen years customisation, developing the archive creating one off pieces, each hand made with unique screen prints on each garment taken from original Dr Noki artwork.  Collated together and customised by Dr Noki and the Nurses on the sustainable canvass to create street couture pieces ready to wear.  The SS11 collection is Hip-Hop meets Acid Grunge customised in a moshpit with love London.

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What are your ambitions and aspirations at the age of 26?

To follow the words I said when asked at the age of 14, 'what do you want to do with your life?' -  I said  "I just want to make an impact in Fashion."  Good fashion has always made an impact on me.

Pick a word beginning with the letter ‘E’ which best sums you up.


For each letter of the alphabet, pick a word followed by a sentence that inspires you.

Lets just skip to the letter N - Noki ... a One-Off, not a generic Rip-Off!