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Eugene Lin

Singapore-born London based designer Eugene Lin graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with a BA (hons) in Fashion Design Womenswear and a distinction from the Post-Graduate Pattern Cutting course. While still at college, he honed his pattern cutting skills at Tristan Webber, Preen and Vivienne Westwood, and upon graduation worked for other successful UK-based designers such as Roksanda Ilincic and Ashley Isham.

Eugene Lin established his eponymous label in 2009, launching his debut womenswear collection SS10 at London Fashion Week. A premium brand with a strong focus on creative cutting and a sharp eye for detail, the clothes express the brand’s aesthetic of sophistication through intelligent design and immaculate craftsmanship. Comfort and luxury are synonymous with the label, each garment meticulously executed to create interesting, truly unique pieces that defy seasonal fads. Sensuous yet subtle, the unique identity of each piece reflects the quiet poise of our clients, understated yet confident – clothing of exceptional quality.

What were your ambitions and aspirations at the age of 26?

I set up my label and began work on my first collection at the age of 26. The goal then was the same as is now: to create a luxury brand with an international appeal focusing   on creative cut. It was never going to be about celebrity, trends or gimmicks, just pure unadulterated design in my aesthetic. I aspired to greatness then and still do today, with an even more intense hunger.

Pick a word beginning with the letter ‘E’ which best sums you up.


For each letter of the alphabet, pick a word followed by a sentence that inspires you.

Azzedine Alaïa
His dedication to perfection and determination to have it at his pace is refreshing.

I greatly admire Crisobal’s devotion to the cut of garments, as well as the ability of the present house to be excitingly contemporary

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
I owe much to the tough training at my alma mater

Classic Dior was so deceptively simple, yet the way the fabric was manipulated and cut especially on the inside of the garments were legendary.

Eric and Elsie, my parents
My whole immediate family’s first names start with ‘E’. My brother is Ewen, even my sister-in-law’s is Elaine.

Florence + The Machine
Souxie Sioux and Kate Bush comparisons aside, I find her vocals and visuals cohesively haunting. ‘The Dog Days Are Over’ has been on repeat more times than I can count.

Ricardo Tisci’s revival of the brand and especially the haute couture line is extraordinary.

I loved their debut album as well as their rags to riches story. We had it on repeat when we were working on ‘Medusa’ (AW11)

Imogen Belfield
Her jewellery is so strikingly unique and workmanship so exquisite I just had to collaborate with her for ‘Room 101’ (SS12)

Enough said.

Kylie Minogue
I share the same birthday as her and am in awe of her longevity in the fickle business of fame.

Lisa Stansfield
The crisp, clean sensuality of her music is the audio mirror of my brand.

The legend that was Lee Alexander McQueen was a major driving force for me to come to London, and I am delighted with the direction of the house under Sarah Burton.

Natalie Imbruglia
She is so visually stunning, but it is her slightly off-centre music and image that I find appealing as I always identify with underdogs.

The Observatory
Their daringly experimental and decidedly open approach to making music is uncompromising in its concentration and results.

I enjoyed interning for them and revere how they have grown from strength to strength – both business wise and aesthetically yet still remaining fiercely independent in both.

All my collections to date start with a quote that I read somewhere.

Roksanda Illincic
Having worked as a freelance pattern cutter there before, I was always impressed by how immaculately groomed she was, which really translates into her clothes.

Smashing Pumpkins
They were the soundtrack to my teens and their continuous drive to evolve regardless of commercial pressures (whether successful or not) is very encouraging.

Tilda Swinton
Her timelessness, intelligence and sophistication is so rare and exquisite.

Utada (Hikaru)
As a Japanese-American singer, I can identify with the East-West culture blending in her music as I live between two cultures myself.

Vivienne Westwood
It was a huge privilege to have interned there, and I learnt so much working under their very experienced pattern cutters, not to mention having the chance to discuss art with Vivienne herself.

Such utterly complex and fascinating beings to design for.

The XX
They do not just create music, but rich immersive soundscapes that really show an uncompromising focus to their vision.

I do not speak or understand much French but her music is infectious. Good art should transcend geographical and cultural boarders, and fashion should be no different.

Zero 7
Their ambient sound is something that makes working late into the night on collections that much more enjoyable.