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An interview with James Duigan at D-Hotel Maris

We sit down with James Duigan, the man who revolutionised wellness, with the holistic global wellness movement, Bodyism. Team TWENTY6 explores the Clean and Lean Philosophy, and how you can kickstart your fitness journey with the stunning views of the Aegean sea at the D-Hotel Maris.

So first, tell us a little bit about Bodyism and what makes it different from other fitness programs?
Bodyism is the science of a clean, lean, athletic body and living a happy and healthy life. Since its launch, the brand has exploded into a global wellness movement encompassing gyms and retreats, cookbooks, activewear collections, vegan health supplements, healthy teas, cafés and concept stores!
What differentiates Bodyism from other fitness programs is our holistic technique; the philosophy of being kind to yourself in every aspect of life, helping and encouraging clients to maintain their progress. We also have some of the world’s most experienced and dedicated trainers - most definitely the secret to our success!

What inspired you to create the Clean and Lean Philosophy?
In the past, I rushed through life trying to get everything done. I ate healthily but I worked, trained, and lived to exhaustion. When you’re juggling work, family and home life, it’s very easy to get sucked into that feeling of being too busy to breathe.

At Bodyism, our aim is to cleanse the body of toxins which are commonly found in sugar, alcohol, processed food and excess caffeine. However, another detrimental toxin is cortisol - a hormone caused by stress, which is why a huge part of our ‘Clean and Lean’ philosophy is exercising mindfulness. By becoming more mindful I learnt to accept stress, and while my life was just as busy, I felt I had more time and space. I spent less time getting more done. I felt happier - and that’s why we’re all here.

What do you think are the most common misconceptions about maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
While I love the fact that health has never been more talked about, I worry a great deal about all the misinformation and insanity out there.Firstly, diets don’t work - they just don’t. Making profound and lasting changes is not possible when you do something for just a couple of weeks. In fact, most diets will result in weight gain as well as often making you sick and miserable. In order to transform your body, you need to change your life in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable; and the good news is it’s really very easy.
Another common misconception is that fat makes you fat, when in fact, good fats will not only take years off your face, but also banish your hunger, cravings and help you whittle down your waist.

What piece of advice could you give people who are converting to Bodyism?
It’s important to remember that I don’t expect you to never have a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate ever again. In fact, the ‘Clean and Lean’ diet encourages clients to have a blowout meal once a week where you can eat absolutely anything. At my own weekly cheat meal I tuck into hot chocolate pudding with ice cream! Believe it or not, this will help you stay on track by stabilising your metabolism and suppressing sugar cravings, which you can read about in depth in my Clean & Lean Diet book.

Why did you decide to make a Bodyism centre in D-Hotel Maris? What makes the hotel the perfect place to set up the roots of Bodyism in Turkey?
Turkey is such a beautiful and culture rich country; we couldn’t ask for a more exciting home for this partnership. The D-Hotel Maris' stunning location and the incredible amenities lend themselves perfectly to exploring our Clean & Lean philosophy and helping the hotel’s guests achieve lean, strong and healthy bodies. Bodyism aims to lower stress levels, accelerate fat loss, improve sleep and detoxify the system, and what better way to kickstart your transformation by combining it with the hotel’s stunning views of the Aegean Sea. We truly feel that the happier you are, the more effective the process is being, and I’m pretty sure band walking and morning yoga won’t burn as much whilst on the beach (it will).

What’s next for you? What exciting things are to come for Bodyism?
We are continuing to build on our 360 health and wellness offering which included building on our Bodyism gyms around the world with more to come in 2017. We also have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline for our active wear.

Words: Hannah Tan

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