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Le Meurice

Very few hotels in the world can claim to be an institution, but Le Meurice is exactly that. Nestled between the Place de la Concorde and the Jardin des Tuileries, the hotel has been a destination in itself for over 200 years. Travel with us to Le Meurice, a truly exceptional destination with a history unrivalled by any other hotel in the world.

Le Meurice first opened its doors on the iconic Rue du Rivoli in 1815;  and was the crowning jewel of the Parisian fine art and literature scene at the time. The hotel is inextricably linked with the art world, and remains so to this day. Salvador Dali was one of their most distinguished patrons, and left an enduring imprint through the charming and delightfully eclectic Restaurant le Dali. Today, the magnificent ceiling of the restaurant is painted by Aria Stack and the sight is absolutely breathtaking; reminiscent of an old world glamour, lost in this age of minimal modernism. Enjoy a meal in this exquisite restaurant and experience the world class cuisine designed by Philippe Starck, the Black pork Culatello from Massimo Spigaroli is particularly scrumptious. Additionally, The Bar 228, rendered in deep hues of oak and enriched by deep velveteen curtains, also breathes Dali’s influence.

The entire hotel revels in this decadence. The lobby exudes classic elegance with touches of surrealism. A glass case filled with inverted hanging hand mirrors float precariously over lit wax candles. A painting of an art-deco style hand elegantly defies gravity and is hung on the ceiling above the concierge. Finally, roman columns are twisted to meet each other as a mesmerising sculpture in the main entrance. All subtle nods to the movement feigned by their most famous guest.

Decorated in Louis XVI style, the bedrooms are no exception. Sky high ceilings and beautiful french balconies decorate each room. The white Italian marbled bathrooms are exceptionally luxurious, and the enormous baths transport you into a world of utter relaxation. The Belle Etoile Suite is luxury at its finest and is graciously expansive with over 600 square meters of floor space. You are greeted with a bottle of Krug Champagne, and complimentary airport transfer when booking one of the hotel’s finest suites. The suite’s terrace boasts panoramic views of the City of Lights, where you can spot the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and even the Sacré Cœur glimmering in the distance. Not only is the suite furnished with amazing 19th century period furniture, the Belle Etoile suite also  comes with a kitchen and dining room; and space enough for a personal chef. A palatial suite, fitting for Paris’ first Palace Hotel.

Finally, breakfast in the Le Meurice Alain Ducasse must not be missed. The opulent decor, and the grand atmosphere makes for a truly memorable dining experience. The restaurant not only boasts two Michelin Stars, but also the most beautiful dining room in all of France. The beautiful painted ceiling is magnificent, epitomising the hotel’s baroque style. The delicate hanging chandeliers lend the room an inviting glow.  Breakfast is served in beautiful silver table wear, and you can enjoy your meal glimpsing the Jardin des Tuileries across the street. The food is exceptional in its simplicity, a result of the Alain Ducasse’s food philosophy and the curation of Executive chef Jocelyn Herald. A fantastic way to start your day, in one of Paris’ most iconic addresses.

In this new world of minimalist purism, Le Meurice is a refreshing look back at the elegance of the golden age. Truly a historic gem in a city that holds its history dear; from a preservation of  the architecture of George-Eugène Haussmann to the perpetuation of the laborious and noble techniques of Haute Couture. Visiting Le Meurice Paris is like taking a trip back in time to a lost, but magnificent world.

Words: Hannah Tan

Images Courtesy of The Dorchester Collection

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