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A Tribute to Yves Klein


Throughout his life, Yves Klein has been considered a pioneer in the art world.  His genre-bending work ranged from musical symphonies, performance art, expressive abstract paintings, and his groundbreaking work with monochrome colour. Born into a family of creatives; with both of his parents working as painters, Yves Klein grew up surrounded by some of Paris’ leading figures of the abstract movement.

In 1957, he exhibited the Proposition Monochrome; Blue Epoch at the Gallery Apollinaire in Milan. With the help of Edouard Adam, a renowned Parisian paint dealer, he enhanced the vibrancy of a stunning shade of ultramarine with a synthetic resin; an experiment that eventually lead to the creation of International Klein Blue - which became a signature across his truly memorable career. For our K-Issue we pay tribute to the great innovator with a special Desire's Gallery celebrating this very special shade of blue.

Words by Hannah Tan

YVES KLEIN by Hannah Weitemeier

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