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Lindsey Bull

Manchester based artist, Lindsey Bull, is an artist that explores varying psychological states through figurative depictions of dreamy yet isolated figures. Her work has garnered acclaim in the art world, and was recently selected for the Liverpool Biennial Associate Artist Programme, as well as receiving the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Award in 2017.

Taking inspiration from anything from fashion magazines to occult journals - Lindsey Bull balances light and dark elements to produce work that is truly affecting work. Her latest exhibition at the Castlefield Gallery, in collaboration with performance group Plastique Fantastique. Plastique Fantastique explores themes surrounding politics, media, and pop culture assemblages; creating visceral performances that overwhelm their audiences. The group’s myth science performance mirrors Lindsey Bull’s often melancholy work — examining the peripheries of mainstream pop culture and delving into the subversive yet fantastical world of her art.

Her expressive strokes and deep understanding of colour, reflect a somewhat mystical appeal to her subjects who exude a quiet confidence and wisdom; subjects who are often absorbed in contemplation whilst teetering on darker affiliations. Her subjects are often embraced by deep foliage, and dressed in endlessly fascinating ensembles, inviting us into a mysterious and whimsical world — creating a narrative dystopia that blends seamlessly blends fashion, subculture, and modern mysticism.



Words by Hannah Tan