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As an archipelago with over seven thousand islands, the Philippines boasts one of the most biodiverse ecologies in the world. In the southernmost tip of the island of Bohol, underneath its vast rainforests and the legendary Chocolate hills, is Panglao Island. Aside from the island’s stunning coral reefs, making it a mainstay for local and international divers, Panglao possesses some of the best natural sights the country has to offer — all of which can be seen in Panglao’s most luxurious travel destination - The Eskaya Resort.

The Eskaya Resort faces the stunning blue horizons of the Bohol sea; a tropical paradise in one of the Philippines most breathtaking islands. The sprawling sixteen hectare property features a beautiful tropical topography, from growing cliffs to vast flatlands and ravines, and of course over five kilometres of pristine white sand coastlines. The coastline is covered with indulgent private wooden decks — granting guests both privacy whilst giving them the freedom to enjoy the stunning blue waters of the Bohol sea. The name Eskaya is derived from the indigenous people of Bohol. A unique local tribe, who give the island of Panglao its life and spirit. Panglao is shielded from the harsh tropical cyclones,   which results in an ecosystem that is filled with unbelievable natural wonders. Guests at Eskaya can go scuba diving in Balicasag Island, one of the most stunning diving spots in the world, a short trip to Pamilacan Island for some whale watching, or explore the forests for an encounter with the endangered Philippine Tarsier.

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The resort’s luxury thatched “Balai” villas, reflect both traditional South East Asian architecture, yet feature all the modern luxuries that any discerning traveller may require.  Each villa boasts a vast private pool often seamlessly blending into the blue horizon of the sea. Inside the villas, no expenses have been spared: from goose down feathered pillows, to open air bathroom suites, and private outdoor jacuzzis - Eskaya makes it their business to ensure that visitors get lost in this tropical paradise. Designed by the internationally renowned Manosa architect group, the twenty-four stunning luxury villas are fashioned out of sustainable local materials like bamboo, and local hardwood. Cadiz shell window panes reference Spanish Colonial architecture, a style that has been so derivative of Philippine history. This results in a sumptuous resort environment that is simultaneously contemporary while ringing true to the country’s historical roots.

Eskaya Resort , Panglao , Philippines , TWENTY6 magazine , Travel , L Issue

The Lantawan restaurant serves only the freshest produc acquired from Panglao’s abundant natural resources. Dining al fresco is not to be missed, as enjoying a cocktail underneath the candy-coloured skies of the Philippine sunset is truly an unforgettable experience. The Handuraw Spa is a treat in itself — featuring traditional Filipino healing techniques whilst using local herbs and flowers. The spa’s soaring bamboo roofs, adds levity to the relaxing atmosphere, along with the sounds of the gentle waves of the Pacific slowly crashing underneath. In collaboration with the Spa Professionals Group of Manila - The Handuraw Spa have created a splendid menu of indigenous and natural treatments that will surely invite you to leave all your worries at home. The Dead Sea Salt and Mud treatment is simply divine. Alternatively, you can experience the spa’s Kahimsog Massage, a treatment that has been developed by local therapists, who used the age old tradition of using camphor leaves to remove fevers and body pains. These leaves are used to warm the muscles and are then crushed for a traditional Filipino Hilot massage using virgin coconut oils — absolute bliss!

After a weekend at the Eskaya Resort, it seems that no other tropical Paradise comes close. The privacy and exclusivity, the impeccable service, the indulgent use of space, and the undeniable allure of nature, makes Eskaya a spectacular travel destination — a gem in the heart of the Philippine Islands. 



Images Courtesy of The Eskaya Resort

Words by Hannah Tan

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