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Where Hamptons chic meets British charm, The Gallivant is a Hotel inspired by the Californian coast line. With twenty bedrooms, each one furnished with modern driftwood interiors paired with soothing blue, white, and grey tones, the hotel is a stunning example of coastline elegance right in the heart of Rye.  In the middle of magnificent sand dunes, the Gallivant watches green blades of grass dancing with the fresh ocean breezes, welcoming each guest into it’s tranquil little piece of heaven. An idyllic location paired with an ethos of sustainability, the Gallivant creates the perfect place for resting one’s mind, body, and soul.

Relaxation and tranquility are two of the most important themes of the hotel. The Gallivant offers yoga classes for both residents and non-residents held in their beach hut marquee, or directly on the beach. Sally Bayly, a local expert at yoga holds one hour long classes in the mornings and occasionally in some afternoons. Her routines are suitable for both entry level practitioners and experts and guests can take yoga classes while breathing in the fresh air of the English channel, helping restore one’s mind, and energise the body.

The Hotel’s very own spa is located in the Beach Hut and offers everything from facial treatments to de-stressing massages, using only sustainable and Made-in-Britain products. At the Gallivant, there is a dedication to sustaining local businesses, the hotel exclusively uses WiDEYE, a local ethical cosmetics brand. The products are free of any synthetic dyes or fragrances and only use natural formulas to cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin. The Hotel’s picturesque and luxuriously furnished rooms are also equipped with locally sourced bath and body products. The Gallivant uses Bramley, a beauty brand sourced and made in the British country side. The soaps, shampoos, and creams guarantee to be free of any artificial colours, chemicals and are certainly not tested on animals, only containing the freshest herbs, flowers and plants.

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The heart of the Gallivant is it’s very own restaurant run by Oliver Joyce. The restaurant was awarded the Sussex Restaurant of the Year back in 2016; and only uses the freshest seasonal ingredients. The Gallivant’s strict rule is to source every single product and dish on their menu within a 15 mile radius. Oliver Joyce strongly sticks to that special requirement and offers a Mediterranean cuisine with British twists. His creations range from refreshing spinach soups to freshly caught fish and steaks. Not only does the restaurant create the most delicious meals but also bakes its own bread, offers home made granola bars, along with a myriad of other delectable in-house creations.

Besides the many offers of the Hotel, guests also have the opportunity to explore British life on the coastline. For those who seek a greater balance between relaxation and adventure, the British ocean winds offer the perfect conditions for kite surfing. Experienced surfers will have no problem to fly high and those who need a little help to reach the sky can get lessons by instructors of the local kite surfing school. Curious minds can wander to the centre of Rye, exploring original antique shops and vintage book stores. For those who love photography, a great scenery would be close by would be the 13th century castle, that looks down on the many colours of the town’s fisher boats. Wine enthusiasts also have the chance to visit Chapel Down Winery, which is just a 24 minutes drive away. There, guests can book guided tours or even create their own wine, if the season is right.

A stay at the Gallivant combines British culture, a magnificent landscape, and a variety of activities; and  will certainly attract any mind that is exhausted of busy London life. For those who needs the perfect city break, The Gallivant is only a journey of approximately two hours, a journey that connects restless London with tranquil Camber Sands. The Gallivant’s spa treatments, beautiful rooms, deliciously healthy food, and the stunning views of the ocean will not disappoint, making The Gallivant a great weekend escape at any time of the year.

The Gallivant , Rye , Cornwall ,  England , TWENTY6 magazine , Travel , L Issue



Words by Constanze-Sophie Pilger

Images Courtesy of The Gallivant

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