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Travel & Stay with us at the ON Houses Weligama

The island country of Sri Lanka has always had a sense of mysterious allure. Off the Southern coast of the Indian Ocean Si Lanka is a country that is both rich in breathtaking natural resources, and history. Its strategic geographical location,and deep harbours made Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, a key country during the time of the Silk Road. Today, it is swiftly becoming one of the most sought-after tropical destinations and is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. 

Travel with us to the ON Houses Weligama in Sri Lanka; a stunning boutique development composed of four luxury villas on Sri Lanka’s south coast. We speak to Celia Keck, Business Development Manager of ON Houses Weligama, and discuss one of Sri Lanka’s most luxurious Eco-friendly destinations. 

Where did the concept for ON Houses Weligama come from? 
The concept of the houses came from a renowned designer called Leslie Duckworth. These houses are based on a similar design to a Beach House in Shela Lamu, once owned by Princess Caroline of Monaco. There will always be 4 villas to rent on an exclusive basis. The houses are for sale but will be managed altogether as a luxury boutique hotel. A condition of sale would be to have the houses managed and rented in this way to ensure some-kind of income regardless if you are an international or local buyer. 

How many villas are available to rent? How much would it cost to have the ON Houses Weligama experience? 
There are four spacious and beautiful villas to rent on an exclusive basis. The rates vary depending on the season but rental is from $600 per night. 
What makes the location of ON Houses so special? 
Weligama is a stunning and secluded spot on the southern coast. Making it the perfect location for relaxation and rejuvenation, after a potentially hectic itinerary to see the diversity on offer in Sri Lanka. The houses are beautifully set up to ensure guests are able to be as active or as relaxed as they wish. Each house has their own massage table, stunning shaded areas for yoga, a plethora of outdoor seated areas angled to catch the sea breezes, and, with a private chef at your disposal, there are a lot of reasons to keep you in the house. In saying that, the location is also wonderful to experience local culture in Galle, water sports at the nearby beaches, and cycle rides within the tea plantations, which are a short drive away. 
What clientele do you attract? Mature adults, young families? 
With each house being able to accommodate up to ten guests, these houses are beautifully suited for families and groups of friends alike. With every room having an ensuite and several dining areas, you can have as much space or as little as you like. There are certainly enough communal spaces for everyone to find a quiet corner. 

What is the main attraction for travellers going to Weligama? 
Sports activities or a peaceful retreat? It’s hard to say without having a huge number of clients to stay here. However, having managed Leslie’s eight villas, which is a very similar concept on a private island off the Kenya coast, I would say these villas are the perfect spot for a family to come relax and reconnect in the luxury of their own private hotel. This of course depends on each client that stays; we work tirelessly to ensure each booking is tailored in a bespoke manner to deliver a holiday of their dreams. Although not in place at the moment, we hope over the next couple of months to have kid's beach Olympics, local activities with the communities, cooking classes with the chef and the like. We are keen to have an air of authenticity and to show the guests why we all fell in love with Sri Lanka and its people. 
Would you say that the resort is Eco-friendly? 
All the water is heated via solar power and we try to limit the use of plastic as much as possible. 
What is the best way to get to  ON Houses Weligama from the airport? 
Currently this is a 2.5hour road transfer from Colombo airport. However, I am in discussions with Cinnamon air to see if we can have an air taxi/private charter service. 


Introduction by Hannah Tan 
Interview by Erin Fee 

Images courtesy of ON Houses Weligam & Erin Fee 

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