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A sit down with Kayden Kross

We sat down with Kayden Kross, who built her career in an industry that is so widespread yet so hushed up. Kayden produces and stars in adult movies, and has gained immense recognition throughout her years in the industry. Curious about how one becomes a pornstar, and how one deals with the stigma that is set around it, we asked Kayden about her story. It is not one of those numerously publicised horror stories, where a girl lands in human trafficking, is forced to please men and gets stuck in porn, no, it is like any other story about how a girl gets into a job she is essentially good at. 

Kayden was working full time jobs since she was 15 starting at McDonald’s, all the way to Petsmart, where she eventually got fired for doing her homework at the counter, something a girl should be doing, in order to keep up with school life. It is clear that surviving and following the ordinary rules of life are not always working and respected, people are so different from one another, yet they all have to go through the same processes to make a living. There are so many opportunities, industries and ways to earn that crucial cash, it is a shame that our society still doesn’t fully accept how individuals choose their paths. Besides studying psychology and being rather good at it, Kayden lacked of passion and wasn’t quite sure what she would like to be in the world. If one asks anyone in the world about why someone is doing a certain job it will always be because of money. Money rules the world, yet it seems to be everybody’s business of how it is earned. Kayden did not seem to care about social stigmas or opinions and jumped into an industry that provided her with everything she wanted and needed at that time. 


She took matters in her own hand and started working at a strip club, simply because she wanted some extra money to buy a horse. With that first step  she discovered a certain power she never had before, she felt free. Up until then Kayden’s bosses were predominantly male, who all secretly and not so secretly wanted to have a piece of her. At the strip club things were so refreshingly different,  she did not have to prove anything to the manager. She could choose the times she would like to work, wear outfits she felt sexy in, instead of being forced into an unflattering uniform. It wasn’t then though, when she decided to switch into porn, it was on a six week road trip whilst overhearing an utterly boring yet bizarre conversation about the dislike of chicken in chicken soup in the rural areas of Kansas. There and then she thought to herself if people can talk about something so insignificant why the heck can’t she do porn. Kayden hopped into her car and drove straight to LA, where she soon knew, this was exactly where she was meant to be. She didn’t know how and when, but she knew she will be a success. A feeling that proved itself right in the months and years to come. 

Kayden was never scared of performing but recalled her first time in front of the camera as a flop, she tried acting and when she should have just been herself. It brought to light how much worry goes into appearance, mind, and character, even when some think it would just go into the performance. She was so conscious about how she’d come across, but was never scared or anxious about the sexual encounter she was about to have. Her opinions and beliefs about sex and the adult industry are not as one would say “open”, but normal, she states everything as it is, things are handled and arranged like in any other job. Using the term open minded towards something that should have long been normalised is the reason why there is still such a stigma attached to porn. She explains that it really is like any other career, where one has his or her work personality and by the time one leaves the office the normal self comes out. Kayden could always differentiate from her performing persona and her private character. For her, it was obvious that she won’t run around with tons of make up and revealing outfits, yet for many outsiders of the industry, this is the opinion they have unless proven wrong. In her leisure time she absolutely adores books and told us that she used to be the nerdy kid back in high school. Kayden also has a passion for writing, which came in handy when her creativity as a director was required.

Her career took a slight shift when Kayden met her husband Manuel Ferrara. Manuel, also in the industry,  offered her an opportunity to direct a movie rather than star in it. Kayden loved it and describes directing as from of writing a story without words, something that has become her passion. After directing several movies together with specific studios, she sought more creative liberty and established her very own platform called Trenchcoat. 
Kayden chooses to fill Trenchcoat with content she likes and with videos and images she directed herself. Having complete creative control is that freedom, she first felt at the strip club years back, but on steroids. Anything that sparks her mind, anything that she thinks would look refreshing and sensational, she creates - offering a platform filled with original content that is far more than just Sunday evening entertainment. The self-made business lady entered a career, made a name for herself and is proud of what she has achieved and this with good reason. Porn is no longer just entertainment but also a from of art and expression of creativity. 

Spoken by & Starring Kadyen Kross

Words by Constanze Pilger

Photographer  Simon Emmett at CLM AGENCY

 our shoot with Kayden