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An Interview with Kerry Cusack of JETS

Australia’s golden coastlines, sandy beaches, and rolling waves make the perfect setting for a stylish beach wardrobe, and that is exactly what the women at JETS provide. Swimwear that puts women at the forefront of their design process, balancing timeless style with a modern edge. What sets JETS apart from other swimwear brands however, is their passion for sustainable fabrics. 

While there is still a way to go towards incorporating sustainability into every aspect of their processes, JETS’ clever utilisation of sustainable fabrics is definitely worth talking about. Their gorgeous billowy kaftans are made from wood pulp sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests, a large portion of their nylon is recycled from plastic bottles, Heck even their lining comes from recycled plastic as well. We sit down with Kerry and her lovely fur baby, and chat all things Jets, sustainability, and what their next steps are towards a greener future. 

Tell us a little bit about the JETS team and their background, what made them fall in love with swimwear? 
We have a passionate and creative team who continue to create authentic designs in-house. The design team consist of our own designers, textile designers, pattern makers, machinists, and Garment developers. All of them help us create unique garments in true artisanal style, to make women feel fabulous!

What is the inspiration behind the collection?
Our latest collection is a collection that is all about self-expression and the connectivity of the senses. Inspired by shifts in expression and individuality, the JETS Opulent Elements collection explores a new era of confident women. Through this collection we are celebrating women with a sense of empowerment and worldliness. With luxurious silhouettes, defined lines, and a sophisticated palette, the JETS Opulent Elements collection embraces a timeless and elevated mood, that is reflective of the modern woman. 

We have such a beautiful colour palette for this collection. Natural earth tones such a Khaki, Plum and Chilli combined with rich tropical prints, luxe textured fabrics with highlights of metallic, all blend together to create a feeling of indulgence whilst the occasional pop of bold colour invigorates the senses. Our inspiration always comes from the environment, our lifestyle, and our mind and body — so this collection in particular really fuses together the true essence of the JETS woman. 

JETS is renowned for fabric innovation and has a solid history of working with local sustainable mills. How important is sustainability to the ethos of the brand? 
Very important. We are currently working on incorporating sustainability into every aspect of the development of Jets and the finished product, so watch this space! But at the moment, we are currently using a variety of different sustainable fabrics throughout each of our collections, and each one is related to the story of that collection as well. 

Your latest sustainable collections are called Picturesque, Retrospect, and Mirage; with each one using different sustainable fabrics and manufacturing
techniques. Could you please tell us more about these collections? 
We are currently using 4 different Sustainably sourced fabric bases. All of the swimwear within our print stories use only 100% Regenerated Nylon and Xtra Life Lycra®. These fabrics are recycled from plastic bottles in the ocean by Econyl. The Jets Icon collection on the other hand, is using both recycled Nylon, which is recycled from standard yarn waste that is sustainability produced and consumes less water and energy. 
Even the linings of our fabrics, are sustainable. For our linings, we use Sorbtek Repreve recycled polyester, which is again taken from recycled water bottles. Finally, the Kaftans in out Mirage collections are made from Naia, which is made from wood pulp sourced exclusively from certified and sustainable managed forests. Not only does this fabric have an inherent softness and high breathability, you can rest assured that what you are putting on your skin comes at no cost to the environment.

Today, sustainability is more important than ever, with brands becoming more and more concerned about their carbon footprint. What role does the fashion industry play in the effort to minimise our environmental impact as a species? 
There is more and more emphasis on sustainability from every level in our industry at the moment, as we are one of the worlds largest contributors to waste and environmental damage.  There some amazing new fabrics being developed, new processes for developing yarns, and textiles that are going to change the future of the industry.  At Jets we are making a conscious effort to move towards these amazing sustainable fabrics for the future of our planet. 

As consumers, how can we make a difference in protecting the future of our planet?
Its all about awareness! Buying from brands like JETS who are supporting and implementing sustainability elements is crucial!

Interview by Hannah Tan-Gillies

Portraits by Curtis Gibson