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Sugar and Spice and everything NICE!
N issue’s favourite summer destination is Cote D’Azur’s charming city of Nice. Away from the social hotspot Monaco, the party destination St.Tropez and back to the roots of France’s magical Côte de Provence. Nice reminds why Queen Victoria chose this particular spot as her favourite summer destination. Lavender, Olives, and the vast Mediterranean Sea paint a picture only God could have created. Vibrating colours, the genuine sound of happiness and a calming summer breeze make sure that even the grumpiest visitor will suddenly find a smile on his face. Team Twenty6 explored the cities roots, the treasures, and the perfect stay, to create an unforgettable holiday. 


Arriving at Nice’s seaside airport a wave of hot air hugs the face and the salty ocean breeze immediately lets one drift away from reality and into the haze of holidays. The twitters of french words paired with earnest friendliness, makes any visitor immediately feel like one has found that one happy place on earth.  A short car ride divides the airport and Nice’s unique Radisson Blu, where ocean views are as endless as the ocean itself. A marble lobby, embellished with hints of blue and decorative sea shells, starfishes and miniature sailboats, quickly reminds guests that they are in fact at the desired Côte d’Azur. A private beach club as well as a rooftop that hosts a swimming pool offers ocean and pool lovers both sides of paradise. The two astonishing venues provide restaurants and bars with the most scrumptious dishes using only the best local ingredients. Two very different chefs offer a food repertoire dedicated for their guests as well as locals that want to indulge themselves with only the best gastronomic creations. Maxime Bernard, chef of the rooftop restaurant, gets inspired by his Niçoise heritage and offers light mediterranean french dishes. The beach club holds a more international approach ideal for families and children who cannot get enough of freshly made Pizzas, and juicy Burgers. 


Despite the incredible design, the breathtaking views and the delicious food there is another reason why Team Twenty6 particularly likes Radisson Blu Nice. The hotel operates together with “Just A Drop” association to help provide drinking water across the globe. Due to on going efforts in re-using towels and saving water, Radisson Blu is the reason why Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, and India now have access to clean and safe water. The blue gold is the source of life for not just humans but for any living organism. Crops need water to grow, animals just like humans need water to live. Without water there can be no form of living. Just A Drop informed us that every 90 seconds a child dies because of dirty water, a shocking fact that shows why it is so crucial for big companies just like Radisson Blu to use their power in order to make the world a better place.  Besides providing water to struggling countries, Radisson Blu Nice consciously tries to lower their carbon footprint by using energy saving equipment. The hotel also hosts special trainings for their staff to show them how to operate sustainably and provide services in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Considering all the good the hotel does and the fantastic services they provide, it is very tempting to remain at the Radisson Blu all day long. However there are so many incredible sites one should certainly not miss out on.  The old town or as locals say, the vieille ville, holds numerous corner shops filled with French and Italian treasures ranging from antique posters to chandeliers and clay potteries. Strolling around the local market, flowers, soaps made from olive oil and woven baskets are as far as the eye can reach. Fresh vegetables and fruits, so colourful one would think they aren’t from this earth, remind why Radisson Blu chooses to only use the freshest ingredients for their dishes. Making one’s way through the small streets, rustic restaurants offer Nice’s speciality, Socca, a pancake-like bread made from chickpeas flower. This especially delicious savoury dish can be eaten at all times of the day and tastes supremely scrumptious when paired with a cool glass of Rosé wine. Another specialty Nice is known for, is their refreshing olive oil. Within the streets of the old town, a charming shop, offering variations of olive oil, hosts spectacular tastings, ideal for those who want to explore their taste buds.  If the delicious Socca wasn’t enough, the local restaurant, Gaglio, located at the border of the old city, offers a great variety of pasta, fish, and meat plates. 



A short drive to the ancient town of Èze, presents the Côte d’Azur and all its beauty. Pine trees, lavender, orange blossom and the sparkling sea list the reasons why so many fragrances are inspired by this scenery. Èze is known for their heritage in scents, hosts the fragrance factory of Fragonard. Fascinating workshops show how fragrances variate from each skin, how distinct one’s sense of smell is and why a perfume can never be copied. One learns how to create the base of a fragrance by mixing bergamot, orange and citrus and what dosage makes a perfume more masculine. Team Twenty6 discovered that a perfume should consist of at least one flower, even if it just one single drop, as this helps to maintain the freshness of a perfume and gives it an elegant soft round up. 

If the all the fantastic local secrets aren’t enough, one can easily rent a car, preferably a charming convertible, and drive down the coast to the neighbouring towns of Antibes and Cannes. Radisson Blu Nice has its very own concierge service that can arrange anything that one’s heart desires. It is the perfect spot for a romantic get-away, a relaxing family vacation or an adventurous single trip to the Côte d’Azur. Radisson Blu Nice can be anything one wants it to be, a holiday resort as well as a business hub, the prime location, the excellent service and the avant-garde design will certainly get every visitor hooked on the South of France and the Radisson Blu Nice. 

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Words by Constanze-Sophie Pilger

Radisson Blu Nice  +33 4 9717 7177 offers accommodation on a B&B basis from €284/£248 per room per night.